gon is an architecture and design office based in Madrid directed by Gonzalo Pardo since 2014. His practice focuses on the research and development of singular architectural projects of different scales, ranging from urban planning to buildings and interior design.

The common denominator of his work is a playful, experimental, critical and optimistic view of contemporaneity. In a constant dialogue based on observation and detail, his interest focuses on the creative processes of architectural design and construction, as well as on the role of architectural mediation and communication as fundamental vehicles for the transformation of the world into a more sustainable, inclusive, dignified and free place.

Gonzalo Pardo graduated from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM) in 2007, and became Doctor of Architecture in 2016. His thesis Body and House: Towards the contemporary domestic space, the transformations of the kitchen and bathroom in the West obtained outstanding qualification (Cum Laude), and for it he received the Extraordinary Doctoral Thesis Prize 2016-2017 and an honorary mention in the XI call of the Thesis Competition of the Arquia Foundation.

Since 2007, he has been teaching as a guest lecturer at various universities and institutions, in subjects with the common denominator of being linked to design, such as the European Institute of Design (IED), in Madrid; the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), in Chicago, USA; Lund University, in Sweden, and the Master in Collective Housing (MCH), in Madrid. He has taught the Master in Architectural Communication (MaCA) and the Master in Advanced Projects (MPAA) in the Department of Architectural Projects at the ETSAM.

He is currently an associate lecturer in the Department of Architectural Projects at the ETSAM, where he teaches undergraduate courses. Member of the research group Hypermedia: Taller de Comunicación y Configuración Arquitectónica, he directs doctoral thesis as a teacher and researcher, as well as numerous Master's Thesis (TFM) and Final Degree Projects (TFG).

He has been deputy curator of the Spanish pavilion at the 16th Venice Biennale, and since 2000 has won 41 national and international awards, including first prizes in the competition for the design of the Archaeological Center of the City of Lancia in 2021 and the remodeling of the AZCA block in Madrid in 2007; second prizes in the international competitions Skyscraper, in New York, and Velux, in Denmark, in 2007; COAM award in 2014 for the curatorial cycle Paréntesis, honorable mention in the Europan 14 competition at the Barcelona site in 2017 and finalist in the FAD awards for Architecture and design 2020. His projects and built work have been widely disseminated in national and international, physical and virtual media.

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